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People think that the New 7 Wonder of Nature Committee will strike Komodo Island off after Indonesian Government step back from the election, that’s not true, since Komodo Island is the only place that has prehistoric animals living in, the island is still on the game.

The picture above show the color of the sand in Komodo Island area, which differentiate them to other beaches, a lot of unique things you can find here, not only the pink sand, but also the flora and the fauna, the animal called Komodo, that are believed as one of the living creatures from the dinosaur era. In these islands they still have a chance to live.

This National Park has been selected to be one of the finalist for the new 7 wonder of nature, unfortunately it will cost Indonesian Government a lot of money to make this island as the place for winner announcement.

People didn’t understand, that even though Indonesian Government decide not to give payment to make this island as the declaration place, it doesn’t mean this Island taken out from the election. Please help to vote for this National Park, to make sure that you can still see them in the future.

Click on this link to VOTE for Komodo

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