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It’s only a few¬†months ago and I missed all of my travel pals already.

In travelling together you will see the real quality of each person that you may not see in daily routine life.You may find a little “crack” but still they are the best among the best I guess ūüôā

Some of my friends start the journey from Bandung (West Java) using an old¬†VW Combi. We call it “Odong-Odong Negriku”

In choosing a travel destination, we usually decide from the specialty of the location, and the destination we choose now is Mount Tambora, probably the most destructive stratovolcano (recorded) in Indonesia with Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) 7. And in exactly April 10 2015, Tambora celebrate 200 years of the explosion, the explosion that cause a year without a summer. source:

IndonesiaBestPlaces: Odong-Odong Nusantara

IndonesiaBestPlaces: Odong-Odong Negriku

While some of my friends choose to use the Combi and make some stop in several beautiful places, I choose to  take the plane until Lombok Island.

I use the second flight to Lombok, while some friends arrived in the afternoon.

Bandar Udara Lombok

Indonesia Best Places: Bandar Udara Lombok

To kill the time, me and somefriends who arrived earlier (using Odong-Odong Nusantara) decide to relax at the beach.

Suprisingly we found several beautiful spots on the way there.

We make a stop to take some picture on a small hill that we believe will give the best view.

Indonesia Best Places: On the way to Selong Belanak Beach

Indonesia Best Places: On the way to Selong Belanak Beach

Look at the top right side of this (On The Way To Selong Belanak Beach) Picture, Yep! That’s The Beach. WIth a little Rock /Clod on it.

Don’t forget to visit this beach once you go to Lombok ūüôā

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Indonesia Best Places: Selong Belanak Beach

Indonesia Best Places: Selong Belanak Beach







Don’t know why, lately the trip that successfully accomplished mostly are Culinary related.

About a month ago, Me and my friend Pipit went to Bogor. It was the only trip that we could make between the busy hour of  Jakarta.

Honestly, that was the first time we were trying to use Commuter Line for Jabodetabek area (Jabodetabek means Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi/ Jakarta and surrounding cities).

It’s amazingly cheap, fast, and quite convenience compare to Train Services several years ago (which is not a commuter line). And almost all of Train Stations are now look much much better than before.

After arriving at the Bogor Train Station, we were walking around and find a “Roti Maryam” booth. Kind of Fried Bread.

Good Places in Indonesia - Roti Maryam near Bogor Train Station

Roti Maryam near Bogor Train Station

and then, we were heading to Suryakencana street by taking a public transportation labeled 02 (Sukasari Bubulak).

The first stop that we successfully made is to Ngo-Hiang. Don’t know what it is, but for moslems,¬† I suggest you not to try the food since some of the food probably contains Pork.

That morning, the well known Ngo-Hiang had not ready, so we decide to try Mie Kangkung,

Culinary Trip to Bogor West Java - Mie Kangkung Suryakencana

Mie Kangkung

Honestly, we’ve never ate Mie kangkung before, so we don’t know how to compare the taste with others,¬† others seemed enjoying the food but one thing for sure, Mie Kangkung didn’t fit my taste.

A bit disappointment bring us to Bogor Botanical garden, after buying a large “mat” that can be used to take a nap inside the Garden, we decided to take some picture first at the Presidential Palace.

Bogor Presidential Palace - Bogor Trip

Bogor Presidential Palace

and then went to the other side of the ponds just to enjoy the lots of Birds talking to each other ūüėÄ After several hours of sitting, walking around, visiting Museum (This one is a must) (too bad, the picture of the museums and Ponds cannot be fixed), we decide to go to Pia – Apple Pie.

Pia – Apple Pie is located in Pangrango Street. Just take a public Transportation labeled 03 (Baranangsiang) and ask the driver to drop you there.

The place is now upgraded and look so interesting compare to several years ago, the last time me and my friends visited this place.

Pia - Apple Pie - The Exterior

Pia – Apple Pie – The Exterior

What do you want to try Madam? - Indonesia Culinary Trip

What do you want to try Madam?

Almost the interior and exterior is upgraded. Fish ponds. etc etc. Realizing that we want to try more than one, we order apple pie – mini size, in many forms and some traditional drinks.

Indonesia Culinary Trip - Pia Apple Pie Pangrango Bogor

Pia Apple Pie Pangrango Bogor

All the pie served is warm. Quite hot maybe. But that makes all of them more enjoyable. They’re so tasteful. Wonder why some other travelers say that they’re so so – not so yummy etc. Hmm.. may be they ate too much. Order the Biggest one. The urge to ate very big portion till the last bite sometime can blow away the real taste, the pleasure to enjoy the crunchiness of the pie, the warmth of the apple jam, all of them are taste-full and give a lot of pleasures!

The traditional Drink that I chose was Es Beras Kencur. While Pipiet decide to choose some regular one and a lite bite – Poppertjes with Vanila Ice.

Es Beras Kencur and Poppertjes with Vanila Ice Cream - Bogor Culinary Trip

Es Beras Kencur and Poppertjes with Vanila Ice Cream

Going to the main road to find some other food bring us to Es Cendol Elizabeth – kind of well known Traditional drink with Jelly, other than Es Cendol, we order Meat Ball Soup. Hmm Hot and Yummy, the best match for the weather that day.

Meat Ball Soup at Es Cendol Elizabeth Booth - Bogor

Meat Ball Soup at Es Cendol Elizabeth Booth – Bogor

The trip that day seemed to be the last trip with Pipiet, since she is now live in Chicago for good.

Wish I can get a new trip partner soon ūüôā

Bye for now Indonesian food lovers..;)

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Mount Merapi

While Wonosari is located in south east of Jogjakarta, Mount Merapi is located in Kaliurang, the north side of it.

After about three hours ride, we finally reach one of “Yogyakarta American Jeep community” basecamp in Kaliurang.

This community provide Mount Merapi “Off Road” Tour which charge us Rp 350rb (Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Rupiah ~ USD 35) for each car.

Underlined this: Off Road. That means all of those jeeps don’t use public/normal road. You can even ask them to choose a more dangerous way. Exciting and Fun!


Merapi "Off Road" Tour

Merapi “Off Road” Tour

The first stop of the tour is “The eruption of Mount Merapi”¬† Museum. There we can see how hot clouds can make all glasses melted.

Glasses Melted

Glasses Melted

the remaining of traditional musical instruments that are covered with ashes..

Traditional Musical Instruments

Traditional Musical Instruments

even the remaining of a cow -____-” Don’t know whether this is appropriate or not,

but the skeleton of this cow, make the journey feels like a journey to a Jurassic Park.

The Remaining of A Cow

The Remaining of A Cow

My deep condolence for you my dear cow. I’m so sorry for taking picture of you.

I guess the most important part is “the memory”, pictures of Mount Merapi, the eruption – and the evacuation – from time to time.

Picture of the Tragedy - Mount Merapi Eruption

Picture of the Tragedy – Mount Merapi Eruption

We take a chance to make a picture before departing to the next point

Cheers from Mount Merapi

Cheers from Mount Merapi

The nearest place that we can reach from the peak of the Mountain, called Alien Rock.

Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi

From Alien Rock the Tour Leader  (which is the driver of the jeep) will take you to one of the bunker where two of the volunteers died during the eruption.

They said the bunker was designed as a safety hole when there is a hot cloud. But the two volunteers prediction was incorrect, not only hot clouds they should face, but also the magma.

At last, after this exciting trip, we decide to go back to our base camp in Wonosari by making a stop first at a Javanese Traditional Restaurant named Moro Lejar (still in Kaliurang area).

Moro Lejar -  Javanese Traditional Restaurant

Moro Lejar – Javanese Traditional Restaurant

There we eat lot’s of – Freshly Cooked Fishes :)~~~ Yummy!


Continue to Road Trip to Jogjakarta Part 3


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Jenderal Sudirman, A Famous National Hero

Jenderal Sudirman, A Famous National Hero

Who said that Jakarta is awfull?

Believe it or not, People who always feel that way, will never be satisfied wherever they live..

No matter how some people hate this city very much, I always love the beat of it.

Today, I decide to enjoy the most favorable day in every week in Jakarta, Car Free Day.

The day when some main streets are closed for cars and motorcycles to give rooms for pedestrians, runner, and biker.

During this day, you will find the colorfull and warm side of Jakarta.

Starting from Semanggi, I walk toward the north to the center of Car Free Day in “Bunderan Hotel Indonesia“. It is located between Jl Sudirman and Jl M.H. Thamrin, main streets of Jakarta.

Empty Street of Jakarta

Empty Street of Jakarta

Suddenly the rain drops, getting hard and harder, eventhough it makes the walk even more exciting, I decide to take TransJakarta (the only public transportation that allowed to operate during CFD) via a new Bus Stop of Karet.

Karet New Bus Stop

Karet New Bus Stop

I don’t care what people say, I feel progress on this city, a rapid one. May be because of its new Governor? May be.

On each Sunday, you can see different things. Sometime you will see several Papua’s guy dancing using their Koteka’s on the street (like today, so sorry for not taking the picture of them), sometime you will find a community show their pets, like this boy with his baby crocodile. And his friends with their indanger species..

Baby Crocodile

Baby Crocodile

You will also see people try to sell some traditional foods, or toys for children to play.  Like this man and his famous cartoon balloons.

Colorfull Balloons

Colorfull Balloons

One thing for sure, you can always find these Betawi Traditional Dolls, complete with traditional dance and music.

Betawi Traditional Doll

Betawi Traditional Doll

On the other part of the street today, in Jalan Sunda, next to Sarinah. I see Organic Community Bazaar. They sell Organic Vegetables, Organic Traditional Foods etc etc..

Organic Food Festival

Organic Food Festival

A bazaar that will also call your stomach to eat :p hmm.. today I choose Soto Mie, a Traditional Noodle Soup from Bogor. Yummy!

Soto Mie

Soto Mie

After eat some light meals I continue to walk, back to my home.

There I meet some people from a famous bank, they try to keep the bank known with a different way.

They even make some funny actions and allow me to take a picture of it..

Walking Ads

Walking Ads

Isn’t it wonderful?

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~ Written on June 15th 2014 ~


Most of us always have intention/motive in doing something, an intention that make others to think before they start to believe, a motive that might cause the other loose their spontaneous action. A reaction that can cause you loose a diamond.

That’s very human, if I may say.

Unlike human, nature is pure, you can be your self everywhere, everytime. They always show the truth. Even the danger.

Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi, Jogjakarta

May be, that’s why you¬†always feel so peacefull everytime you travel and see the nature. So warm. So excited and be gratefull for being there..

Your mind doesn’t feel exhausted of “what if” questions. Just relax and enjoy every moment.

Baluran National Park, Situbondo

Baluran National Park, Situbondo, East Java

Not far from my home town, Malang, in East Java, there is a beautifull waterfall named Madakaripura. A historical waterfall. This Waterfall is located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

One who loves Indonesian history must know Gajah Mada,a powerful military leader (Mahapatih) or prime minister of the Majapahit Empire (13th century). He thus effectively brought the modern Indonesian archipelago under Majapahits’s control, which spanned not only the territory of today’s Indonesia, but also that of Tumasik (old name of Singapore), the states comprising modern-day Malaysia, Brunei and the southern Philippines. This waterfall is a sacred place, a place where he was doing his meditation.

Madakaripura Waterfall, East Java

Madakaripura Waterfall, East Java

Want peace of mind? The warmth of the nature? A relax moment? A pure Air? ¬†I suggest you to go there in your next trip, and it’s a must.

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Not all my journey are well documented, sometime I decide not to post on this blog because I think I’m not good enough in taking pictures.

But sometime I feel lots of people may want to know more the other side of Indonesia, not only Bali.

There are also little things that can fill your heart, casual and humble things like Night Fair.

About two weeks ago, I suddenly change my mind from staying at home and making a little surprise for a best friend, or take a short trip to a seminar in Bandung, to Ciamis.

Yes. Ciamis. A little town in West Java. About 6 hours drive from Jakarta in normal days.

There I enjoy a small carts ride, lots of cute carts were there. Carts driven by a goat (Yes a goat!), a cart driver, or a cart driven by your self. ūüôā



Goat Cart

Goat Cart (Pic by )


After riding a while I decide to step a side and walking around to choose traditional desserts that I may like. Lots of Traditional foods offered.

From Martabak (Indonesian Omelette), Pukis (like a pancake with Choco/Cheese/Fruits filling), Pisang Molen (Fried Banana), to Sekoteng.

At last I choose to enjoy Pisang Molen and Sekoteng, while watching people having fun.


There are so many ways in enjoying life. Don’t always look up, try to look down too. If such humble things can make lots of people happy, why can’t we?

To be happy is an option of life. To be happy with what you already have. To be grateful.

Don’t worry too much about the future, as the future has it’s own problem,

don’t think about the past as well.. as we already learn from it,

just make the best of today, and surely the future will be okay.

Ok then, wish you all the luck in life.. Bye for now..


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Last¬†year I planned to go to Derawan in Kalimantan, Borobudur Temple for it’s stunning Lampion Night during¬†Waisak in Jogja, Fishing around Pelabuhan Ratu area, and so on and so on..

And some of them cannot be accomplished, some of the reason are Limited Time and Budget, issues of most travelers :)) Lol..

It seemed my luckiest moment in 2013 is a 5 days and 4 night trip to Bali few weeks ago. With a different angle. Not only to see beautiful places, amazing crowd and also an ability to pamper body and soul in the same time. A lady wanna be and a party lovers way.

I may not share a beautiful picture, since I only bring my phone with it’s limited memory.¬†I prefer to enjoy the moment, and not too busy taking a picture.

Saturday afternoon 7th of Dec 2013, me and two of my friends arrived in Denpasar Bali. Pick up by a driver that we usually use every time we had a trip to Bali, his name is Made. Unlike before, He picked us up using a 4wd car. The first¬†*Wow* we get. Ummm.. probably because we are one of his number one customers ūüėČ

The second *wow* is when we saw the new Ngurah Rai Airport. So artistically beautifull..

The New Airport - Ngurah Rai

The New Airport – Ngurah Rai

Then all of us going to Seminyak area to find our previously booked bungalow. it’s called Barrida Bungalow. The driver take us downtown, to the most complete area in Seminyak. And there we lived for the next four days..

Barrida Bungalow a cute house in the center of Seminyak

Barrida Bungalow a cute house in the center of Seminyak

Name of the owner is Matt. Wonder how he can¬†designed such a beautifull cute house like this. So local and¬†homy. Seriously! well I don’t need to show the complete kitchen tools here ay? :))

The first thing we do¬†after – is to find a place for Dinner. We do hope to find an extraordinary place in a good price.. Then we go to Double Six Area, still in Seminyak, walk along the road, to find a restaurant that hopefully can make our stomach yelling “I want that food!!!!”

Sadly, nothing happen.

Then we decide to touch the water.. feel the breeze of the wind on the beach.. And there.. We saw a stunning Lampion¬†light, lots of lampion calling us to come.. Wow..¬†How can’we saw it before, it’s so near to¬†our car..


It’s hidden behind a quite tall wall.. it’s called ABC (Amazing Beach Cafe) it’s a cafe on the beach.. lots of Lampion, Lots of sand bags prepared for people who want to enjoy the beach, feel the sand, enjoy¬†the food, hearing good music and relax.. A place that gonna make you¬†so thankfull for being there.. The Foods are amazingly good¬†and ofcourse¬†quite cheap¬†compare to the service and the ambience of the place..¬†ūüôā we order 5 menus, and cost us less than Rp250.000,- quite good ay?

Well, since Its to dark to take the picture using a mobile phone, let me show you a picture of ABC from another blog (

Amazing Beach Cafe

Amazing Beach Cafe

Cute right?

~ To Be Continued ~

This is one of the reason of what makes me so excited of doing all of these activities; Blogging, Facebook-ing, Tweeting about the beauty of Indonesia’s nature.. Me, I myself, always often shocked by how many beautiful places that I have never know before, eventhough I live quite near to some of those places. I’ll show why..

Ijen Crater Sulphur Lake

Ijen Crater Sulphur Lake

The spectacular scenery above can be seen from an aircraft¬†from Surabaya to Denpasar, an spectacular views that evokes a question about the location of a green Tosca lake at an altitude of 2.000 feet, and the caldera wall as high as 300-500m. It’s quite amazing, the colour and the smoke,¬†it’s exotic, it’s dangerously beautiful.

As I said in the previous paragraph, you can go there by going to Surabaya in East Java first, and then¬†from there you can directly go to Ijen¬†through the north west entrance. Or you can go to Denpasar first, and from the sea port you can go to Ketapang sea port in Banyuwangi, from there you can direstly go to Ijen through it’s east entrance.

Do you think it’s just like another crater? then you might want to visit the place in the night, then you gonna see this.. the blue flame of Ijen

The Blue Flame of Ijen

The Blue Flame of Ijen

The other may say Blue Fire, but I prefer to say Blue Flame, there are ony two crates in the world that have blue flame, one in Iceland, and one in Indonesia, Mount Ijen, East Java.

The Blue Flame of Ijen Crater

The Blue Flame of Ijen Crater

I was born in Indonesia, and I really love¬†Indonesia. But this not makes me so narrow minded,¬†as I believe that in every part of the world you can find their’s own beauty, either in the culture, nature, food, or even the people it self.

The other part of me, the Dutch, and German blood makes me really want to visit Europe, the land of my ancestors, well who knows?


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