Bogor Culinary Trip

Don’t know why, lately the trip that successfully accomplished mostly are Culinary related.

About a month ago, Me and my friend Pipit went to Bogor. It was the only trip that we could make between the busy hour of  Jakarta.

Honestly, that was the first time we were trying to use Commuter Line for Jabodetabek area (Jabodetabek means Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi/ Jakarta and surrounding cities).

It’s amazingly cheap, fast, and quite convenience compare to Train Services several years ago (which is not a commuter line). And almost all of Train Stations are now look much much better than before.

After arriving at the Bogor Train Station, we were walking around and find a “Roti Maryam” booth. Kind of Fried Bread.

Good Places in Indonesia - Roti Maryam near Bogor Train Station

Roti Maryam near Bogor Train Station

and then, we were heading to Suryakencana street by taking a public transportation labeled 02 (Sukasari Bubulak).

The first stop that we successfully made is to Ngo-Hiang. Don’t know what it is, but for moslems,  I suggest you not to try the food since some of the food probably contains Pork.

That morning, the well known Ngo-Hiang had not ready, so we decide to try Mie Kangkung,

Culinary Trip to Bogor West Java - Mie Kangkung Suryakencana

Mie Kangkung

Honestly, we’ve never ate Mie kangkung before, so we don’t know how to compare the taste with others,  others seemed enjoying the food but one thing for sure, Mie Kangkung didn’t fit my taste.

A bit disappointment bring us to Bogor Botanical garden, after buying a large “mat” that can be used to take a nap inside the Garden, we decided to take some picture first at the Presidential Palace.

Bogor Presidential Palace - Bogor Trip

Bogor Presidential Palace

and then went to the other side of the ponds just to enjoy the lots of Birds talking to each other 😀 After several hours of sitting, walking around, visiting Museum (This one is a must) (too bad, the picture of the museums and Ponds cannot be fixed), we decide to go to Pia – Apple Pie.

Pia – Apple Pie is located in Pangrango Street. Just take a public Transportation labeled 03 (Baranangsiang) and ask the driver to drop you there.

The place is now upgraded and look so interesting compare to several years ago, the last time me and my friends visited this place.

Pia - Apple Pie - The Exterior

Pia – Apple Pie – The Exterior

What do you want to try Madam? - Indonesia Culinary Trip

What do you want to try Madam?

Almost the interior and exterior is upgraded. Fish ponds. etc etc. Realizing that we want to try more than one, we order apple pie – mini size, in many forms and some traditional drinks.

Indonesia Culinary Trip - Pia Apple Pie Pangrango Bogor

Pia Apple Pie Pangrango Bogor

All the pie served is warm. Quite hot maybe. But that makes all of them more enjoyable. They’re so tasteful. Wonder why some other travelers say that they’re so so – not so yummy etc. Hmm.. may be they ate too much. Order the Biggest one. The urge to ate very big portion till the last bite sometime can blow away the real taste, the pleasure to enjoy the crunchiness of the pie, the warmth of the apple jam, all of them are taste-full and give a lot of pleasures!

The traditional Drink that I chose was Es Beras Kencur. While Pipiet decide to choose some regular one and a lite bite – Poppertjes with Vanila Ice.

Es Beras Kencur and Poppertjes with Vanila Ice Cream - Bogor Culinary Trip

Es Beras Kencur and Poppertjes with Vanila Ice Cream

Going to the main road to find some other food bring us to Es Cendol Elizabeth – kind of well known Traditional drink with Jelly, other than Es Cendol, we order Meat Ball Soup. Hmm Hot and Yummy, the best match for the weather that day.

Meat Ball Soup at Es Cendol Elizabeth Booth - Bogor

Meat Ball Soup at Es Cendol Elizabeth Booth – Bogor

The trip that day seemed to be the last trip with Pipiet, since she is now live in Chicago for good.

Wish I can get a new trip partner soon 🙂

Bye for now Indonesian food lovers..;)

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