Which part of Indonesia that you like?

Indonesia is one of largest islands in the world, so it has a lot of beaches, a lot of mountainous area, a lot of cities, tradition, languages, tribes, etc. But which one is your favorite?

The Beach?

Mentawai Island

Mentawai Island

The Creature?

The Creature - Komodo

The Creature - Komodo

The Tribe?

Dayak Tribe

Dayak Tribe

The Cave?

Gong Cave - Pacitan

Gong Cave - Pacitan

Or The House?

Tana Toraja Traditional House

Tana Toraja Traditional House

Ooh my Goodness.. I can’t even mention all.. Did you know that there are more than 200 languages in only one island called Papua? Yes, 200! Can you imagine how large and how colorful our nation..

If I asked myself what things that I love the most in Indonesia.. Me, myself, will answer “The People”. I love the way they smile when we meet, I love the way they response when a stranger comes and ask for help, and everyone around you can be your family.. As long as you open your heart, you will never be afraid to feel alone even though you are far away from your home and your family.

So, which part of Indonesia that you like? or, which part of your own country that you like, let’s share..

The Smile Of The People

The Smile Of The People

1. Mentawai Island – Ayo Kunjungi SUmatera Barat (in Bahasa)
2. The Creature – Komodo

3. The Dayak Tribe – Antoys (In Bahasa)
4. The Gong Cave – Pacitan – Yuiworld (In Bahasa)
5. Tongkonan Traditional House – Pustaka Sekolah (In Bahasa)

    • Thank you.. If you have interesting picture/story related to Indonesia please don’t hesitate to share, I will re-blog it for you or create an article linked to your site 🙂

  1. Glad that I can get comments.. pheeww.. at last.. I can only reach 45visitors at the most per day.. wondering what should I do to get into “Freshly Pressed” page.. May be I should write more and using my heart (Lol). Thank you Tom and Pak Liam!

    • Yep.. You’re right Pak.. But I really like to see some other places beside Indonesia too.. Like Greece, Vienna, etc 🙂 Wish it will come true soon ^^

  2. Tom said:

    I don’t share your optimism, but I live in North Sulawesi and my wife is a Minahasa.

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