Tourism in Indonesia, it’s ups and down

Connecting River, Musi - Banyuasin

The Gasing River

Lately our government have an eye for our tourism sector, since the Bali bombing several years ago, our travel sector went down to the lowest rate,

my uncle’s travel agency in Bali went bankrupt, so did my auntie’s business in Jogja. She had to sell her house and close her batik painting galeries.

Well I do believe, everything happen for a good reason,because of the tragedy, our government was started to put more effort on this sector, and people who work on tourism was started to appreciate domestic tourists.

Probably, our tourism sector started to live because of the help of  “Eat Pray Love” Novel., and then, the movie, and some international TV’s program that featuring Indonesia, like Amazing Race, Andrew Zimmer’s “Bizarre Foods”, and Bobby Chinn’s ” World Cafe”. Because of them, international travelers began to come and spend a holiday in Indonesia.

In the other side, each province try to do the work as good as they can, for instance: South Sumatra, is more intensive in promoting Musi river which separates the city of Palembang.

The government also help them by choosing them as one of Sea Games location
beside Jakarta. Well, it might only a river, but we must respect the effort behind it.

River Musi

The Traditional Boats

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3. The Traditional Boats

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