Raja Ampat – The Heaven That Truly Exist

Festival Raja Ampat, October 20-25, 2011

Raja Ampat, unlike Indonesians who rarely know this magnificent place, this under and above the water heaven are very famous among international divers and tourists. It is located in a group of islands in the north west side of West Papua, the very east island of Indonesia.

Some people say, that Raja Ampat is the richest coral reef in the world, there are 1,309 fish species, 537 coral species (a remarkable 96% of all scleractinia recorded from Indonesia are likely to occur in these islands and 75% of all species that exist in the world), and 699 mollusk species, what amazing!

Raja Ampat’s marine diversity is believed to be strongly influenced by its position between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, as coral and fish larvae are more easily shared between the two oceans. It’s coral diversity, resilience, and role as a source for larval dispersal make it a global priority for marine protection.

As you can see from the picture above, a remarkable diving and travelling place, Raja Ampat or The Four Kings,  consist of four big islands named Waigeo, Misool, Salawati, Batanta and 1500 smaller ones which almost all of them still don’t have a name

These islands that located at the verynorth west side of New Guinea, get their name from local myth that tells about a woman who finds seven eggs. Four of the eggs hatches that become kings those occupy four of Raja Ampat biggest islands while the other three become a ghost, a woman, and a stone. Seem strange, but that’s what people there believed.


“No doubt about it, Raja Ampat is definitely the richest place for fish that I have ever been.” –
-Dr G.R. Allen

“I was like a five-year-old, seeing a reef for the very first time. I was awestruck, held by the incredible power of this richest reef. We must, with all available resources, preserve the beauty of Raja Ampat. This may be the last frontier.” –Michael Aw

“I love the people, I love the diving, it’s super! I’ve never been for a second time to the same dive destination but now I’m thinking about going back for the third time! Should I say more?” –Peter van Dalen

(These testimonials are taken from www.iriandiving.com)

Pasir Pantai

Ultimate Underwater Expedition


Festival Raja Ampat

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