Jomblang Vertical Cave

I just know that there is an extraordinary beautiful cave from an International Amazing Race. What a shame, I’m an Indonesian, but I don’t know even a bit!

Jomblang Cave

It is a vertical cave located in Semanu, Wonosari, about 50km south east of Jogjakarta, Central Java. This vertical cave that has trees grow from its bottom is connected to another cave called Grubug, a horizontal one which also has a stunning view with its tube underground river.

Kalisuci, the underground river

This river is known as Kalisuci, or Holy River. You can reach both of these caves either through Grubug, the horizontal one, or Jomblang, by sliding down using a rope.

The Ray at Jomblang Cave

At noon, it will gives you enough ray until you reach the bottom, indeed you still need to bring your own torch to give you enough light to reach another side which is in Grubug, and probably an inflatable tire, so you can float in the Kalisuci, the underground river that is 15m under the cave.


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  1. Chrysant said:

    Plus one, I’m also an Indonesian but I don’t know anything about this wonderful place. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for commenting Chrysant! I often went to Jogja, but I don’t know about this cave either until I watch Amazing Race. Everyone in the amazing race were amazed too, lots of beautiful places in Indonesia that even Indonesian don’t know, because it’s a lot!

      Wish I can keep updating this site regularly 🙂
      once again, thank you!

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